1940's Baguette Flower Vase Pin Spray Clip Earring Set Lot Platinum Plate Mint

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After 42 years in the biz I've seen alot of jewelry. This set is one of the most pristine sets I've run across.  It came out of an estate lot that I purchased several years ago. I think I have admired it long enough. 

The pin and earrings have a high polished platinum plate. All the stones are prong set - there are no dead or missing stones. The pin is 3 dimensional with each branch independent of each other. The pin measures 2.5" across and 2.25" tall.
The earrings are also prong set with not missing or dead stones. The clips are tight - this set measures 2" tall and 1.5" wide.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.