4 Hat Pins Shaker Floral Holder Lot Made with Swarovski Crystal Germany

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4 newly crafted pristine hat pins and one lovely porcelain hand painted flower shaker holder. I think it's German in nature. And yes I made 3 of them.  I've been a bead collector and hoarder for many years. I use a variety of materials. I generally never make the same pin 2 x's.  I made this lot with smaller rods - their more delicate.
1 - 5" smallest rod - vintage jonquil crystal Swarovski bead 10 mm + 12 mm pale yellow floral lamp work bead. Gold plated rhinestone rhonelles with one tiny yellow Victorian trade seed bead stopper.
2 - 6" rod - mid century piece that I did not make. 2 oblong gold plated beads sandwiched either side with a genuine Swarovski "aspirin" AB flashed 10 mm. - vermiel center spacer. 14kt gold plate rod
3 - 6" rod - I used a vintage 60's black and white Lucite center bead - 17mm with again a Lucite white topper - the base a jet black genuine Swarovski crystal bead 8 mm. 2 small rhinestone rhondelles. All findings are silver plated as well as the rod. 
4 -  8" rod -  I used some vintage 1970's lavender Lucite beads - the middle is 3/4" wide - the topper measures 5/8" long with the bottom bead a 7mm.  Again 2 small gold plated rhondells.  This one is a lighter piece and would work well with a lovely cosplay hat.
The shaker measures 1.25" inches across and 3.5" tall - it has a lovely floral motif. Porcelain in nature - not signed but I think it's German.  13 holes so you could add more of your favorites.  I chose to use shorter rods for this set so there's no tipping over as with much longer rods.
The Swarovski beads - I'm a huge Swarovski fan and used to scoop up those old beads still in the original packages - I just love the Swarovski story - think he was a genius
The rest of my vintage and antique beads come from years of collecting and hoarding - I only make these when I need to take a break from the norm. Helps me relax and I so love them.
Hope you enjoyed looking - any questions or special request don't hesitate to ask.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.