60s Signed Charm Bracelet LaMode Anson Elco Karatclad Scorpion Tree Life

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Lovely piece in mint condition - 7.5 inches long - standard rollover clasp. Double link bracelet w 8 charms - estate find in minty condition. Gold plated with charms from LaMode, Anson and Elco. The charms are listed below - if you need anymore info don't hesitate to ask. Below is the description with description of backside

Sock it to Me (there's an age gauge!)

Girl Charm not engraved - LaMode

Lg Tree of Life

Isabelle Dist Pres  1962-63 - LaMode GF

To My Bridesmaid - Elco 12kt gf disc


Mother - LaMose Karatclad

Scorpion - Anson karatclad