Andy Marion Signed Kokopelli Sterling Silver 92.5 Paua Cuff Bracelet Navajo 43.8

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This piece comes from a "lot" I bought of native American sterling pieces - this Andy Marion piece came from the same lot. This piece is a signed A. Marion item. Marked sterling. It measures 5 1/4 inches long with a flexible ruler applied to the inside of the cuff.

Open cuff so you can tighten it up or open it wider BUT it is a very solid piece not easily flexible. It's 1 and 1/8 inch wide one the widest end.  The side with the Kokopelli measures 7/8 of an inch. Weighs 43.8 grams. No clue how old.

The design displays a golden Kokopelli. I believe it is brass. Marion did use gold, silver, brass in his pieces. I tried to polish up the gold part and it does shine. If it turns out to be gold - good for you. It polishes up really nice but didn't do the whole thing - just wanted to test it for shine. Some folks like the patina. Only one I have.

Will will ship via USPO with delivery tracking - fully insured.