Antique Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Vanity Brush Repousse Flowers BJK Co. 1907

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This item is not in mint condition however the repousse design is so lovely I have always accepted the flaws for the beauty of the design. The topside middle does have dents in the flat oval middle. Hope you can see them in the picture.  The bristles are in good condition compared to most that I have seen with large patches missing or bent. They are still in relatively straight condition. The delicate detail continues down to the handle and I hope that I have taken sufficient photographs. It measures 10 inches long from the handle to the end of the bristles. It's 4 inches across the bristles.

There is a serial number on the topside - Rd490595.  there is a makers mark on the side that reads: B.J.K. & Co. and 3 English stamping marks after that. The maker is B. J. Keyzor & Co. and the mirror was made in 1907.

I have tried to find out more information on this silversmith but was never quite successful.

This item is sold in an as is condition