Antique Italian Mosaic Pin Floral Brooch Made in Italy

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I truly love these old mosaic pins - as a crafter myself I can appreciate the work that goes into them - this piece is one of the nicest I've had the pleasure to run across. It's a bigger and heavier piece measuring 2" across and 1 3/8" tall.  In a lot of these old pieces there are missing parts - not this one - the tiles are pristine. The floral inner picture is really pretty. The clasp is a very old type clasp - not a c clasp but more like a safety pin type closure. The outer circle canes are all intact - no cracks or missing parts.  The backside brass backing does show some age but that's pretty typical for an item this age.  It's just lovely - I don't even care if I sell it - really - (hoarder that I am - not in denial)
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