That Chinese Stuff

That Chinese Stuff

Posted by Bonnie on Jul 20th 2019

Haven't typed in awhile but thought I would today.  I recently acquired some newly manufactured Chinese pins.  Now my bag is vintage as you know and has been for years.  Once in awhile … read more

I know I know

Jul 3rd 2019

Busy busy busy as usual - I'm bad about blogging. Busy trying to clean out the garage - keep this website going - keep ebay going - keep up with my health - blah blah blah.  I just wanted to shar … read more

Antique Alley Las Vegas

Apr 28th 2019

Hello Folks - I've been here in Vegas for 35 years - I've seen alot of changes - I decided to start a collector blog - I've posted it on FaceBook as well - I hope you will enjoy it over the months to … read more

Big You Get the Code?

Apr 25th 2019

Hello everyone - thanks so much for coming back. This month eBay has made several changes to the site.  They are supposed to be good for sellers.  For me specifically not so much. It's almos … read more

I know it's been awhile

Mar 24th 2019

I've been really busy learning all the curves with this new website - building up my inventory ect.  I moved my entire warehouse recently and overwhelmed myself finding lost treasures stored away … read more