Christmas Ornament Hand Beaded Pearl Satin Blue Gold Hanger DazzleCity

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I saved the best and biggest for last

This is a very nice royal blue satin Christmas ornament with fabulous pearl accents. It is in very good condition - please see all pictures.  There are probably over 200 tiny pearls on this one.  It measures approximately 3.5 inches across. The golden braided hanger is 2.25 inches long. Of all the ones I have this one is the most gorgeous. Only one I have like this. Almost kept it for myself.

I did not create these ornaments - I have several to list - my friend's mother made them and she has passed so there is no history to tell other than she had them carefully stored and they are in mint condition.  I've done a little research on them and found on line - most seem to come from a company called Cracker Box ? They seem to have the really nice ones but I can't guarantee they came from that company. That being said if your a collector you probably know much more than me so you be the judge.