Christmas Ornament Hand Beaded Satin Olivine Gold Hanger DazzleCity

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This is a very nice royal peridot or olivine satin Christmas ornament with fabulous pearl accents. It is in very good condition - please see all pictures.  There are  tiny pearls and contrasting reddish crystals on this one.  It measures approximately 3 inches across. The golden braided hanger is 3 inches long. Only one I have like this.
I did not create these ornaments - I have several to list - my friend's mother made them and she has passed so there is no history to tell other than she had them carefully stored and they are in mint condition.  I've done a little research on them and found on line - most seem to come from a company called Cracker Box ? They seem to have the really nice ones but I can't guarantee they came from that company. That being said if your a collector you probably know much more than me so you be the judge.