Disney Snow White 7 Dwarfs RARE Set 8 Glasses 1938 Libby Movie VHS Tape 1524

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Rare and complete set of Walt Disney Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs drinking glasses.  I believe they were made by Libby - not 100% sure as there are no markings. Again I believe they are 1938ish.  I have never seen the Snow White glass all in white. Could it have been a mismark? The white enameling is in pristine condition with a high sheen so it is not like it was originally black and got washed off. It was originally painted white.  Perhaps they added the black accents at a later date?  All the glasses are pristine and come from my own collection - never used
Snow White - Bashful - Happy - Sleepy - Grumpy - Doc are exactly 4 5/8" tall. Sneezy and Dopey are 4 3/8" tall and have a more tube shape.  I collected these over the years and never actually noticed the difference.  They all have the same identical circle C trademark with W.D. next to it. They are not the newer colorized glasses rather just the original basic colors on each.
I'm including a 1994 #1524 VHS tape in the original case. Just felt like you should have it.  The case is shelf worn and not pristine but the tape inside is pristine.  I probably bought every disney tape they ever put out over the years for my grand children and they are long gone with no children so I thought you might like it to go with the glasses.
Will ship via USPO priority mail with delivery tracking - insured.