Pastel Blue Barrette Rhinestone Crystal Bridal Hair Bow

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This one is simply gorgeous. Pastel blue enameled with light blue and ab flashed austrian rhinestone crystals. There's like 150 of them in this piece and it measures 3.75 inches wide. There are no dead or missing stones. It is a rounded piece with a rugged regular fold over clasp. It is also a very solid cast piece not flimsy at all.
The "bow" ends measure just a tad under 2 inches wide on each end.  I always say measure it out on a piece of paper to make sure it's going to work for your hair.
Brides and bridemaids don't like to wait till the last minute to find that perfect accessory. I found a box of really nice hair accessories in storage for 20 years. I used to save a sample piece of everything in the old days so I could re-order. So most of the pieces that I will be listing will be one of a kinds. Gorgeous quality piece from my old Mirage stock for that special occassion.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.