Rooster Chicken Hinge Box Unsigned HERCO Trinket Chick Vanity Vintage BeadRage

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Rooster Chicken Hinge Box Trinket Chick Vanity Herco Vintage BeadRage

This one doesn't have the Herco sticker on it but it is from the same line as the other - excellent like new condition. This one measures 4" tall and 3" across the base. Excellent paint over porcelain - gold trim - only one I have. Once upon a time I had collected over 1,000 of these delightful pieces. All different - I'm about down to the last few. If you were fascinated with Limoges authentic boxes but couldn't quite make the leap dollar wide - I considered Herco to make an excellent alternative. Late 80's into the 90's several of these companies popped up. MidWest was another. Both made excellent products. When the cheaper imitations started popping up in the late 90's I quit collecting - the quality was extremely lacking then. I'll be listing several other rooster related items as my mother was a rabid rooster collector. When she past my family decided that I bought her most of them so they returned them all to me. Time to pass them on to others.