Steampunk Asymmetrical Timepiece Earrings OOAK

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I have been a picker hoarder designer crafter since I was 18 years old - I love craft shows and the energy they present. I am a huge supporter of other creators - that said I picked this set up many years ago. My fingers are not capable of doing wire wrapping anymore so I appreciate it when someone else still can. This gal put some thought into this pair. And some time! They measure 1 1/2" long - the disc measures 3/4" wide. It's an actual watch face with ever so tiny 00 dangling beads. Baroque pearls at the bottoms. Inlaid with tiny watch parts then totally laquered over. Really good job. Seems these days it's so hard to earn a iving doing what you love and often time only the promoter of the show makes any money. I try to support other crafters when I can - I have no pierced ears so this set was never worn only admired. Their really sweet. Of course only set I have.

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