Dragon Claw Necklace Sterling Silver Amethyst Crystal Ball Skeleton

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Here's what I know about this piece - 

The 18mm round amethyst crystal ball is an actual amethyst polished crystal - not some dyed rock.  

The 18" Italian sterling rope chain is stamped sterling Italy and 925 with a strong lobster claw. 

The actual claw or skull - skeleton hands are a mystery.  This piece came out of my old Excalibur hotel line 20 years ago. I was surprised to find it. It does NOT stick to a magnet but is not stamped sterling anywhere that I can see. I used a very strong 3000N magnet to test. I also do not remember even having this one so let's say that one part is not sterling. That pendant alone measures 1.75 inches long.   

The chain weighs 6 grams - the entire piece weighs 22.8 grams including the chain. Only one I have.

Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.