Vintage Apple Juice Green Bracelet Carved Celluloid Bangle Really Wide Mystery

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I've had this piece on my desk for a long time now - I hate to list things that I don't know what they are. It's sat here long enough.  First I really stink at detecting bakelite.  I can never smell it - polish doesn't always work for me and neither does 409.  Sometimes I get it right sometimes not.  So here's what I know about this one. It was an estate purchase - a lot of 6.  Some I get the q tip right and when that happens I show the q-tip in the picture.  This one not so much. So that said do not buy this piece because it may or may not be bakelite. Buy it because you love it.
Exceedingly wide measuring 1.5" wide. Very heavily carved - see picture 2 - the cuts are deep and translucent at the deepest part. It's approximately 3/8" thick. It measures 2.5" across the inside. It is in mint condition - no chips cracks or flea bites. Only one I have of course.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.