Vintage Cats Eye Glasses 1950's Gigi Diamond 46/22 AB Rhinestone Topaz Old New

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Couple of years ago I acquired old stock inventory from an optometrist who past away. All were sold here on ebay with the exception of this one.  This is the last pair I have (hoarder) They are in mint pristine condition.  Frame only. Plastic or lucite composition from that era. This last set has dazzling AB rhinestone crystals set into the corners of the frame.  I am not an expert on this matters so I will try my best to describe the dimensions.  

On the inside of the frame - upper right hand side is inscribed 46/22 - I assume that is the size. There are no other markings whatsoever on these frames.  Across the top of the frame corner to corner measure 5 1/4" . The front hinge to the part that turns to go around your ear is 4" long. the downturned part measures 1 3/4"
The picture of the literature picture #4 is the original paperwork that came with the lot - you will not get this because I no longer have it - you will see it went to a different color frame that was sold long ago.  I just thought you would like to see the information.
This frame is alike a 2-tone color with the brown or topaz being on the outside and clear on the inside. I held onto this one last set because I thought I would have sunglass made to fit them but really their not the right look for my shape of face. They are lovely. 
Since this is not my usual fare - please do not hesitate to ask questions.  This item is sold as is with no returns.  
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.