Vintage Heliotrope Watermelon Rivoli Rhinestone Earrings Disco Glam Juliana

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Watermelon Rivoli Rhinestone - you might be able to find similar jewelry items searching for those words - this is the name of the top and bottom multi-colored round glass crystal. There wasn't a lot of designers using this type of stone back then - it's a really nice colorful stone. The bottom one (crystal) measures 1 inch wide! The set was hand crafted - not a production piece. It is a clip set that measures 3 1/8 inches long top to bottom. It is UNSIGNED - you will have to figure out who made it. There were some fabulous designers back in the day like DiMartino and Juliana D&E and many others - this is that style from that era.

It's an estate find so no long story to tell. They could be Julianan - Vendome - Weiss - true is I have no clue who made them. Back in the day here in Vegas folks used to really dress up for shows and we had a lot of showgirls who really glammed it up as well. I do run across some nice things.

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