Vintage Open Hands Bracelet Brass Egyptian Cuff Bronze Egypt DazzleCity

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I picked this piece up in Egypt in the early 90's for my upcoming line at the hotel. I'm not 100% sure what the metal is but I believe it is brass could be bronze.  It's an open cuff that measures 7" with a 1/2" opening. It is flexible so it will open wider. It's also very small and delicate.
We decided that it would be a major problem to reproduce because of the "thin-ness" so it just got shelved all these years.  The design is made up of egyptian hieroglyphics that run all across the top.   It's the only one I have left as I would always keep one piece of everything aside. Which is why I have so many vintage 1 of a kind Egyptian pieces.  Never worn - mint condition. Very ethnic looking. Absolutely no clue where it was made as there are no markings. Just know where I got it.
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