Vtg Dietzgen Universal Drawing Instruments Drafting Tools Compass Set 1907 LC

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There are 13 "things" in there..  There are 2 small vessels in there that contain little lead bits and what looks like to me parts for repairs or adjustments? Everything looks in good condition - the leather case is clearly marked Dietzgen Universal 1907 LC. I realized after I posted the pictures that one spot was empty - I had dropped that little black and white thing so see last picture I recovered it. The case snaps shut properly - see pics as they are part of the description. There is a wear spot inside - left on pictures - the inside of the case is actually a purple not blue - camera and lights might make it look blue but it's purple. Belong to my Dad - no clue what he used it for. Overall condition good.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.