5 Specimens Calcite Vesuvanite Copper In Case Rock Barite -Arsenopyrite Crystal

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This lot is for 5 different specimens - each in it's own small snap case with the name and origin on each piece. Here's what I learned a long time ago - kids love rocks - sometimes better than toys. I used to take my grand kids to rock shops and shows. I would let them buy a couple every time we went. I have a large amount of these specimens and will try to get them all listed. The little snap shut cubes measure 1 3/8"'s cubed. Each little specimen is mounted into a styro pad and secure. Each one also has a small tag inside with the information for each piece. This lot includes the following:

1 - Arsenopyrite - Mexico

2 - Copper - Nevada

3 - Calcite - Utah

4 - Barite - S Dakota

5 - Vesuvianite - Canada

I think they are interesting specimens and great little teaching samples for kids or grownups. I've had them for about 30 years - time to go and let someone else enjoy them.