OMG I'm blogging!

Jun 4th 2020

I know - shameful I am about updates - I just created 2 new catagories - Clip Earrings and Pierced Earrings. So what does that mean? It means I have to take all the clips out of thepierced catagory.&n … read more

Let's talk about Free Shipping Shall We?

Apr 7th 2020

Yup I'm still doing free shipping - not sure for how much longer. I'll do it until I can't afford to do it. But let's have a conversation about it ok? You do realize that there is no such a thing as " … read more

For everyone who left a review!

Posted by Bonnie on Jan 14th 2020

Well did I mention I had my old website for 15 years? I knew every in and out on that site.  This website thru Big Commerce is brand new (15 months) I have primarily been obsessed with loading pr … read more

New Beginnings - 2020

Posted by Bonnie on Dec 31st 2019

Wanted to take one more moment to thank everyone who bought from me in 2019. This past year was a turning point for me. When I retired (does that ever really happen?) I put everything - almost - into … read more

Phew - it's over! Happy 2020

Posted by Bonnie on Dec 28th 2019

Well Christmas was a little hectic around here - between moving the warehouse and Christmas shoppers and constantly trying to grow the site - I was a little buried.  Since I had to move everythin … read more