Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry

Posted by Bonnie on Dec 1st 2019

Did I mention that I've been doing jewelry on and off for 50 years? I guess I'm a dinosaur now. Jewelry is never going away - even cave people from ancient time adorned themselves. The Romans - the Eg … read more

Trust on the Internet - I know it's hard.

Posted by Bonnie on Aug 25th 2019

I sell a product on ebay that I've been selling for many years - I had a big supply - I'm actually running out of it now. I don't generally list it here because it just sells too fast for me on ebay. … read more
That Chinese Stuff

That Chinese Stuff

Posted by Bonnie on Jul 20th 2019

Haven't typed in awhile but thought I would today.  I recently acquired some newly manufactured Chinese pins.  Now my bag is vintage as you know and has been for years.  Once in awhile … read more

I know I know

Posted by bonnie on Jul 3rd 2019

Busy busy busy as usual - I'm bad about blogging. Busy trying to clean out the garage - keep this website going - keep ebay going - keep up with my health - blah blah blah.  I just wanted to shar … read more

Antique Alley Las Vegas

Posted by Bonnie on Apr 28th 2019

Hello Folks - I've been here in Vegas for 35 years - I've seen alot of changes - I decided to start a collector blog - I've posted it on FaceBook as well - I hope you will enjoy it over the months to … read more