still working on the shipping

Posted by Bonnie on Jan 17th 2023

I started revising the no free shipping rule back in Nov. Got really busy with Xmas and didn't finish. So far revised 600+ - got a long way to go but started back in earnest yesterday. AND there's yet … read more

No More Free Shipping - thank the Postmaster

Oct 3rd 2022

Well it was going to happen sooner or later - guess later is here. I'd held off eliminating free shipping for the last few year - waded thru every shipping rate increase and just kept absorbing it.&nb … read more

Though it was time to pop in here

Aug 18th 2022

I'm no blogger so I have to remind myself to post updates.  As the summer ticks on - I'm kinda just starting to enjoy a bit of it. There's still unpacking going on after a year here! It's a treas … read more

Free Shipping - still Holding the Line

Posted by Bonnie on Jun 1st 2022

Still offering free shipping - however - since I started this website the USPO has raised rates over 8 times! I can no longer sustain this website with 8-10 dollar items and free shipping. I choose to … read more

2021 Is it over yet?

Dec 23rd 2021

Well this was an interesting year for sure - I'm happy to say it's almost up. I relocated my entire business this year from Nevada to Oregon. It was epic! As the year winds down I feel like we are fin … read more