You Need to Click the Enter Button

Posted by Bonnie on May 15th 2018

ok - just discovered something pretty important.  I've been listing alot of butterfly pins. When I entered "butterfly" into the search bar it would start pulling up butterfly's even before I was … read more

Finding What Your Looking For

May 5th 2018

Haven't posted in awhile - I've been very busy listing.  As the site grows to thousands of items - I thought I'd share a search tip.  If you already know what your looking for - utilize the … read more

I might have more

Apr 21st 2018

So I list everything with a quantity of 1 because I still have eBay to contend with and I don't want to disappoint someone - then go thru the hassle of refunding money yada yada. Than being said I jus … read more

So You Gotta Learn Something New Everyday

Apr 17th 2018

So I just learned how to do screenshots the easy way. Go to your start button - in the search bar type snipping tool - walaa - there the danged thing is. All these years I'd been doing it the hard way … read more

So How's it Going? Love some review

Apr 16th 2018

So I'm plugging away at it - still have to keep my eBay stores open and that's a chore daily as well.  With 3 of them and building this new website - I'm busy! And people are visiting here so I'd … read more