Wanna know a Secret?

Posted by Bonnie on Jul 6th 2018

I know it's been awhile now but I've been a busy girl. Almost at 1900 items now. Are you stopping by all the time to see what's new? Well if you haven't figured it out yet - from the home page - near … read more

Why do I have so many 1 of a kind items?

Jun 11th 2018

Hello - I get this question a lot. In the late 80's and early 90's I was a creator for the local Las Vegas Hotels. I designed "themed" lines for specific hotels such as Excalibur Luxor Mirage Treas … read more

Lazy Man's Way to Clean Sterling Silver

Posted by Bonnie on Jun 8th 2018

I've shared this many times before but it's always worth a look so sharing again.I have hundreds of sterling charms. Jewelry tarnishes - fact of life.  Every so often I decide to clean them all.& … read more

Building the New DazzleCity Website -

May 28th 2018

Busy busy - building building. I've been adding at least 40 new items everyday - my carpal tunnel is killing me! But all in all I'm pretty happy with this new site. I won't be leaving eBay entirely bu … read more

You Need to Click the Enter Button

Posted by Bonnie on May 15th 2018

ok - just discovered something pretty important.  I've been listing alot of butterfly pins. When I entered "butterfly" into the search bar it would start pulling up butterfly's even before I was … read more