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Gorgeous American made quality - they look like they were made yesterday. They were produced for me by a company called Carol Star. Solid brass casting with a matt finished 14kt gold plate. Each diamond cut was hand applied. Great detail on the charms. The measure 1 and 5/8 inches long. Condition minty.

I actually have alot of this diamond cut material - I can not capture how beautifully done these pieces were made. Those "spots" you see are actually brilliant diamond cuts that sparkle just like real 14kt gold. You will not be disappointed with these.

Once upon a time - when Excalibur hotel opened some brain surgeon exec decided they needed a western shop in the castle. Sure great idea - it's a castle boys. They called it Billie Bob's. As a vendor we had to comply with their wishes. No point in making the King angry. It lasted about 3 months at which time they instruct all vendors to go in there and credit them back for the merchandise. At that time I really didn't have a western themed hotel to service. These have been in storage ever since - like 25 years. I was delighted to find them again