Evans Minaudiere Carryall Compact Wristlet Purse Mesh Strap 2Side VTG MidCentury

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Larger vintage Evans Case Company Minaudiere Carryall Wristlet Compact Purse. 
One side with mirror in relatively good condition. No significant amount of silver loss or cracks to mirror.
There is an area for powder with the original power packet inside - unused. Lid to compartment snaps shut with a tiny round mechanism to open. Evans logo on power lid.
Lipstick fits snuggly into lipstick holder with a spring release that pops the tube up. No sure if this was the original tube. Lipstick tube is empty.
Coin holder where I have placed a dime for size inside - could hold a nickel as well but not a quarter (sign of the times).  
Small card or comb holder  that swings upward.
The inside of this compact is fairy pristine
Other side could hold cigarettes and /or money - perhaps small note pad - I think it was for cigarettes since they all smoked like trees back then. Hard to find an old movie that didn't have a cigarette hanging out of someone's mouth.  
Mesh strap for wrist carrying.  Please see pictures 1 & 4 - there is some darker discoloration at the end of strap both sides.  I am not an expert (just a hoarder) at cleaning these items so I will not attempt to polish it but leave it to the buyer to decide
Empty, clean, interior finish areas look like new bright & shiny goldtone.  
Complete case measures 5-1/2" long; 3-1/4" wide; 1" thick.  Mesh strap measures 3/8" wide; 5-1/4" long from edge of case.
I feel it is basically in very good vintage condition - Raised goldtone Starburst design on two lids that snap shut securely.
Picture #1 is one side - pristine - picture #5 is the flip side - or must have been used to lay on table does show some wear? Has not been cleaned/polished -  Signed Evans in two places - Both hinges intact - Both clasps close tightly - Scarce, beautiful piece!