Larry Zabel Original Oil Painting Painted Ponies Signed 1997 Indian Chief Horse DazzleCity

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I have been an avid collector of Larry Zabel's work - this piece is an ORIGINAL painting. You just don't see them around much anymore. I love his work. I was especially interested in his native American portraits - cowboys and indians. It has a small brass plaque at the bottom of the frame. "Painted Ponies" this one is called. Incredible detail. I hope the pictures are definitive. 

The measurements of the canvas are 9" x 12". The worm wood frame measures 17" x 20 inches. This piece is in pristine condition. It has only been on display in my home. I am retiring to a tiny home - lots of things will have to find new homes. I have seen his prints for sale on ebay but never an original - I have a few more of his original artworks and many many prints which I will be listing as well. 

Some of Larry's work hangs right here in the Clark County Administration building. He did wonderful work for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - some of his original artwork auctioned for over $100,000. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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