PELL Clip Earring Set Pin Clear Rhinestone Crystal Leaf Brooch Signed DazzleCity

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Gorgeous signed Pell Clip earring and pin set. Mid Century modern with platinum plate. Round - marquis - baguettes - this set has them all. Hollywood glam - movie star stuff - I love watching the oldies and scoping out the jewels - they always wore something. The earrings measure 1.5 inches long - signed on backside. High polished platinum plate. Clips are tight. The pin measures 2 inches long - all the stones are secure in all pieces. I just couldn't do this set justice when shooting the pictures no matter what I tried.
Since there are no dead or missing stones I didn't wash this set - what?? - yes ladies you can wash your jewelry.  Think about it. These ladies wore this stuff to parties and church. When they got ready to go they were the original perfume and hair spray queens. It got on everything. It's rare to find vintage that doesn't need a cleaning. Once they got home - they took their "jewels" off - put them into that vinyl jewelry box on the dresser - put on the aprons and made sunday dinner. Well that's how it happened at my house anyway.
Back to the cleaning - 3 squirts of windex and a drop of Dawn into small bowl with warm water. I use a toothbrush to gently scrub away all those years of residue. You might want to run your fingers over the stones first to make sure they are all secure. You will be amazed at how beautiful some pieces come out. Just a little grandma tip for you. Only set I have like this.
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