Purple Shoe Trinket Vanity Rhinestone Crystal High Heel DazzleCity

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Despite my poor photographic skills this one is actually purple enamel. Guess you'll have to trust me.  Pave set rhinestone crystals with no dead or missing stones.  High polished gold plate. Purple enamel running completely around the straps and in between the stones.  This one measures 2.25" long and 1.5" tall.  Mint unused condition.
I do have this item in several other colors - green - black - red and I think blue off hand and eventually I'll get those up too but if you see a color that's not here yet - drop me a message and I'll find those for you.
There is also a miniature she that is the micro of this one and could be worn as a pendant with the chain running thru the strap 
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.