Swarovski Alexandrite Necklace Beads Graduated Spacer RARE Genuine

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Pristine strand in never used condition - original paper tag and wrapping. I've been hoarding these for years. I'm actually not sure how old they are I think 40-50's but don't hold me to that. There are 31 lovely graduated Alexandrites that run from 6mm all the way to 12mm. In between each alexandrite there is a uniform crystal spacer I think  art #1110. 

There's so much chatter about Swarovski discontinuing the Elements line or  only distributing to volume sellers - I've never considered Swaarovski a bad investment. The think the chinese have put a big hurt on Swarovski knocking off crystal beads but let me tell you this a chinese bead will never hold up like the genuine article.

Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking