Vtg Givre Pin Dragon's Breath Rhinestone Brooch Glass Stones Made USA DazzleCity

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So here's what I know about this piece. 30 years ago while scouring a basement in Old Providence on my usual quest for treasures - I came upon a stash of these beauties. I sold most over the years but still hung onto a few - hoarder that I am. They were not new when I bought them so I really have no clue how old they actually are. My best guess is 50's. This piece is immaculate. 

The gold plating on the backside is gemmy.

The stones are all secure and vibrant - no dead stones, cracks, chips or fleabites. There's a pink givre and blue as well. And a really unique pear shape confetti that I rarely see. Some people call it dragon's breath.

When I bought these way back when I actually bought them with the intention of just salvaging the vintage stones but once I got them home I just couldn't do it. They were just too fine to tear apart. It's truly a beautiful vintage piece with the long lasting quality that Providence was known for. Thanks for looking.

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