Kirks Folly Dragon Pin Celtic Rhinestone Crystal Brooch

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I so love dragon's - this piece came directly out of Kirk's Folly at their annual sale - mid 90's I believe. I bought them because they are so cool. He is actually a jointed piece with 6 different moving parts. All his little spine's are pave set with clear crystals. The legs and head have regular Swarovski rhinestone. High polished silver plate and very pronounced tiny claws. 

Here's the interesting part - although it came from Kirks Folly and is on their logo card it is not signed on the backside - there is however under the head very small the letters mw. I have no clue what that means but in my collection I do have other and older pieces that I have never been able to track for history. And I've never found this item listed anywhere on the internet by any other manufacturer. This one is much prettier than it looks - I'm just a crappy photographer. He has  jet black eyes.

He has a regular fold over locking pin and he measures just a tad under 4 inches long and 1 & 1/2 inches wide. Never been worn and carefully stored.

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