1950's Red RAILROAD CROSSING SIGNAL Stop SIgn Crossing Gate Louis Marx

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I took a lot of pictures from every angle on this piece. This red plastic crossing sign is in mint condition. Freshly unpacked from storage. There are no chips - cracks or flea bites to the entire piece. It is a little dusty but I hesitate to mess with things so I will leave that to the new owner. It measures just a bit over 6 inches tall. The base is 2.5 inches squared. There is very minor wear to the black paint on the sign. Only one I have.

Ok - I know very little about trains and accessories - so bear with me. I have actually a lot of train related items and I will eventually get them all listed. If there is some pertinent question I could answer for you please let me know. FYI I don't even know what C or S gauge means - just following the lead of others listed.

Will ship via USPO with delivery confirmation