3 Religious Medals Crucifix Cross Medallion Rare Rosette

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3 different pieces - 2 on silver plated chains - 1 just a pendant - the silver oblong medal has 4 icons and the backside says "I am a catholic - in case of accident please call a priest". Chain is 24" - no clasp - slips over the ehad.  2nd is the 2 tone pendant - it's a very odd piece - lucite I think - the backside says "The Franciscans St Anthony's Guild" with a phone number.  The 3rd is a very rare 1940's crucifix with a domed center - it's commonly called a rosette. Under the dome is a silver plated circle with 4 - 5 pointed stars encircling the cross in the middle.  This one is set into a round finding that I haven't actually seen before. It actually spins a bit from the hanger - not much but it does move.  Inset into the outer rim are very old high point rhinstone crystals. There are no missing stones however there are some dead stones.  Since this item is so unique I choose not to replace those stone but leave it as shown.  This set is of course the only set I have. Best case - 1940's on this piece.

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