Antique Bangle Bracelet FM Co Rose Gold Filled Ornate Floral Heavy Repousse

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The engraving is outstanding with a scrolling floral motif. It measures 7 inches with a flex ruler to the inside of the bangle. The locking clasp mechanism is tight and secure. It is more of a rose gold plate than a high polished gold. It does have a issue with the hinge. I think it was repaired at some point but they did a crappy job in my opinion. If I was keeping it I would have a jeweler look at it. I should have taken a picture of it opened at the hinge - remind me and I will add that.

It measures 5/8 inch across the floral design (width). It opens just fine and closes fine. It's just got some wrinkle at the hinge where the 2 parts come together. As for the floral  design itself it is pristine. It was an estate find so elaborate history to tell. Sold as is.