Antique Dutch Cobalt Hand Wound Beads 18th-19th Century Dogon Heirloom Beads 37

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Deep deep rich cobalt blue color - their large beads varying between 15 and 20mm. Their history is amazing and wish I had a paper trail but with antique trade beads that is rarely an option. I picked them up at the Tucson Gem show. It was a yearly pilgrimage for me for many years. There are 37 hand wound beads in this lot created in Holland. They were generally produced between the 1400's to late 1800's and widely used in the African trade with the Mali region of Africa. The beads measure 22 inches long combined. As with all antique trade beads they have the usual pitting and dents typical of the era. There is however NO chipped or cracked beads. They have been carefully packed away by me over the years. This is a substantial purchase so do not hesitate to ask questions or request specific pictures - happy to do it.

I have been in possession of these for 30 years - I've held them - appreciated their beauty and loved them. It's time for someone else to welcome them into the fold.

I will be listing other trade beads in the future so check back now and then.