Antique Eastman Kodak Tri Pod No. 0 Patent 1911 w Original Box Camera Stand

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In excellent and beautiful condition, still in original box: Eastman Kodak Metal Tripod No. 0 Patent 1911 - not 100% sure on that date but did find a few others on the internet that indicated that date.  If your looking perhaps you know more than me - if I'm wrong please contact me to amend the listing. This piece measures 15 1/2" long.  The 3 ends or legs each have little steel tips. So even though this baby is over a hundred years old, its very cool that, as the screw size has remained the same on camera base for all those years, its still a great piece of kit, even today. The box is not perfect - please see the pictures but for the age I think it's good.  Anyway, lovely item — I love that it has the product number of ‘0’ very quaint indeed!

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