Antique Waltham Ladies Hunter Pocket Watch Mayward Chain CWC Case 1894 Mint GF

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I collected pocket watches for a long time - this piece is a true beauty. I am by no means an expert. I've had this one for a few weeks. I wound it every day. It is not sprung and it kept accurate time. Today because I wanted to finally listed it - it stopped. I have to assume that it needs a cleaning. I could take it in for a cleaning but would just add the cost to the watch so let's say it is not running.
The case is pristine - beautiful hunter case with ornate backplate - standing buck deer with floral motif. The case snaps tight. The case is a C.W.C. Co. case with a serial number of 617812 and their regular shooting star logo. The case measures 1.5 inches across
The movement is a American Waltham with a movement number of 6665530 dating this watch to 1894.
The attached watch chain measures 7.5 inches long including both the ends. The chain is stamped Wayward.
The watch face is porcelain and in mint condition I see no cracks or chips to the porcelain.  The hands are a fancy blue - titanium like? 12 hours marked in black and minutes marked in red on the outer edge.  
I have to assume that the case is gold filled - the cover doesn't stick to a magnet but the rest does. Pretty sure it is from what I have read. 
And that is what I know about this piece. I rarely saw one this nice. The  watch cover is glass not plastic - there are a few pits to the glass - might be the original piece. It truly looks never worn.
Please ask all questions before purchase,  this item is being sold as is as shown - there will be no returns - it will ship fully insured with a signature required via USPO with delivery tracking.