Antique Wood Tie Box Pyrography 1917 Art Deco Woman Handkerchief

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I've had this one for a very long time - considering it's over 100 years old it is to me - in very good condition. I love that Gibson Girl woman on the lid and the underide of the lid. this marvelous piece measures11 3/4"" wide - 3 3/4" wide and just a tad under 2" tall.

Wooden in nature - a few minor spots of wear that could easily be touched up but I have always [referred to leave it as found. The new owner can decide. What a great vanity piece for the collector. These pieces can be found with various designs - the Art Deco being the most desirable. Of course this is the only one I have. Someone gifted this for christmas in 1917 - lid has a slight curve