Why do I have so many 1 of a kind items?

Jun 11th 2018

Hello - I get this question a lot. In the late 80's and early 90's I was a creator for the local Las Vegas Hotels. I designed "themed" lines for specific hotels such as Excalibur Luxor Mirage Treasure Island. At one point in time I was in 21 different shops on the strip. Life used to be great in Vegas in the "old" days. I actually liked the Mob guys. They appreciated what you did for them. 

Early 90's the Disney type corporate dudes started rolling in and basically things dramatically changed. Long and short of it is I retired - or thought I did. What I used to do is keep at least one piece of anything I added for reproduction purposes at a later date - hence the 1 of's.

My retirement - some of it wasn't planned out very well. Some of it was forced on me. I had a huge amount of inventory which got stored and forgotten - after 15 years on the 24 hour a day strip I was ready for a break from the hotels. I opened an antique mall and raised my 2 grand children. I turned into a football - modeling - singing grandma. That kept me pretty busy. 

I bought my current house in 1997 and although it was winding down for me on the strip I was still working. I was lucky and had a storage building on this property and everything went into that building. My last kid left last year for the army and I actively started unpacking all those cases. It's really been a lot of fun. I'm actually amazed at the stuff I'm finding. I stored things well. 

And so that's why I have multiples. Sad thing is once sold there wont be any more. I'm trying to get into the travel retirement phase and all this stuff can't go with me. Probably just gave you more info than you wanted! 

FYI - if something is damaged or tarnished or whatever I always state so in each listing. If it says mint it is. A lot of time I sell things at a stupidly reduced price - like tarnish - too lazy to polish. I leave that to the buyer. I've had some traffic via Chinese that use USA addresses who have knocked me off which I can't stop and basically don't care. Their quality just isn't there. I've noticed Joan Rivers - Kirks Folly ect running some old items and calling them theirs and new. Not much I can do about that. Anyone can reproduce an unmarked item and call it their own. ALOT of the older pieces were never signed. Of course I think the quality of those reproduced items is not the same as the original old pieces but that's just my opinion. I always say it's the buyers choice.