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Double bonus with this piece - 11 genuine 10mm hand carved bloodstone scarabs. Pave set onto a genuine copper (healing) bracelet with a high polished rhodium plate (clearly marked) It measures 7 1/4" long. Never worn - mint condition. No chips to the scarabs. I use ONLY E-6000 glue when creating my items. I will also include 1 loose scarab just so you can see how beautiful these scarabs are carved on the underside. I have never had any of my stone "pop" off but just in case one does you will have a replacement.

I purchased these scarabs in Egypt in the early 90's - I was with a friend who did not want to go into Belzoni's tomb because she felt there was a real curse in there. I had to go all the way back to the Bazaar and find some protection stones for her - this is the remainder of those stone. I actually purchased a lot of minerals while in Egypt. I had a pretty good idea I would never come back again.
Some believed properties of bloodstone. Boosting the immune system: Bloodstone is believed to enhance the immune system, helping the body fight against infections and diseases. Balancing emotions: This gemstone is known for its ability to help calm and stabilize emotions. It can promote self-confidence, reduce stress, and bring about a sense of inner peace