Cellphone Lot Scrap Repair Blackberry Samsung 28 Phones

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I owned an antique mall - big one - these are all lost cellphones - I call them scrap - this bucket has been on my office floor for well over a year. Time to go. There's 28 devices - some samsung flip phones - NO I PHONES metro - tmobile - yada yada - there are no chargers

I understand that some of you folks know what to do with them - I do not - I guess there's sim cards in there - someone told me there's gold? whatever - some have cracked screens - there's 2 pad thingy's. One's a blackberry ones something else. They could work when charged or they could not. Don't buy them because their cheap - there's no warranty!! Buy them because you know what the heck to do with them.

Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking. Priority mail - insured with tracking.