Ciner Bee Pin Brooch Jade Rhinestone Crystal Rare DazzleCity

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I have been in possession of this piece for many years. I've tried to find another one but just never could. And I belong to Worthpoint as well and searched over the year there as well as Google. I believe the 2 green stones are Jade. Why? Well the 2 stones are not uniform in size. The are polished not faucetted. They are cold to the touch. Just guessing here so don't hole me to it.   The plating is Ciner's usual 18k gold with little plate loss as shown. The rhinestones are all pave set. This one measures just under 2" stinger to nose and the same back legs across. It has a regular roll over clasp. The stones I would say are fair - not like it was made yesteday but no dead stones. It is stamped with the letters CINER back side middle body. I have enjoyed this one and it's time to pass it along to the next Ciner lover.