Egyptian Sterling Silver Bracelet Pharaoh Tut Nefertiti Lotus Flower King Queen

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This is quite the most unique and beautiful piece. Would love to see it go to a caster so it could be replicated. The detail to each of the medallion of gods is fabulous. I hope that I have captured the detail on each god and the lotus flowers. It's a solid  not linked piece. Inside dimensions are 7 inches long with another (currently) 1.25" but it is pliable so can be adjusted. It measures just over 1 inch wide. 

It has been in my possession for many many years. I picked it up in Egypt - I actually have no clue how old it is - small shop in Aswan. It does have the true Egyptian standard mark on the inside. Some patina but I feel this only enhances this one so I will leave it as is. Weighs 45 grams. Truly a unique and rare piece and the only one I have.