Hand Carved Buffalo White Marble Ute Reservation Utah Vintage Fetish DazzleCity

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Excellent hand carved sacared white marble buffalo. I sold the bear so don't look for that one.  This is the last piece I have. Great detail - measures 1.25" tall - from the head to the back foot across measures 2". I picked this one up on the Uintah Reservation many years ago - tribal affiliation UTE. Early 70's - not signed. I've added a few more pictures - hope they help.
A million years ago (seems like) I was a traveler - I had this 1972 Volkswagon beetle - lime green. I could go from Polson, Mt to Merrimack, NH on $72 for gas. Those were the days right? Small car - small trinkets. I had those old printer-type drawers - the ones with a million little spaces. I filled them up with little treasures - keepsakes of my journey's. I have no clue who the carver was back then and it wouldn't have mattered to me anyway. I was just a kid and simply bought cool little things because I liked them. This piece is another one of those.