Hat Pin Rhinestone Crystal Stick Simulated Pearl Roundels DazzleCity

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This beauty measures 7" long with the appropriate stopper.  The top was a stray 1960's lucite button with a simulated pearl top. It took me awhile to figure out how to use antique and vintage buttons but that's where the labor comes in.  The underside is a series of stacker pieces each one glued in place - a black lucite drop bead comes next- More pearls and roundels. It's been on my desk long enough now to let it go - time for someone else to enjoy it.

This might be the prettiest hat pin I ever made.  I spent some time with this one - took me a week to make it. Why you ask? I just don't throw them together. I take the time to glue each and every bead to the rod. I personally don't care for just crimping the end bead - I think it just doesn't look right. And yes I make them all.  I've been a bead collector and hoarder for many years. I use a variety of materials. I generally never make the same pin 2x's.
The rest of my vintage and antique beads come from years of collecting and hoarding - I only make these when I need to take a break from the norm. Helps me relax and I so love them.
Hope you enjoyed looking - any questions or special request don't hesitate to ask.
Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.