Kayak Charm Canoe Paddleboard Oar Sterling Silver 925 BeadRage

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It's small folks - not my biggest but great detail for a smaller one. Solid sterling silver - lost wax cast - stamped 925 and a $ sign. Older vintage stock.  It measures 7/8" long. Mint never worn condition. In my possession for over 25 years like most of my charms.

Word of causction - the chinese have become very adept at knocking of thngs these days. I've seen this item recently at $3. However good it looks it's simply not sterling. If in the description it doesn't state Sterling - well it's probably not. It there is no picture of the backside showing the stamp - well it's not. I've even seen these knock offs selling for much higher prices than mine. Be careful when your buying sterling silver. Buy from reputable sellers.