Lady Schick Shaver Electric Red Works 1950's Luggage Shape

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Ok hoarder that I am - this is a piece that I was just hanging onto.  My thinking was to rehab the case and use it for a suitcase for one of my bigger dolls. Not happening. Gotta move it. It actually works still - I just plugged it in. The travel case is in pretty good shape - there's a plastic inset that is well worn that holds the razor.  The razon itself says underarms on mone side and legs on the other side of the blades. You can see the different in the blades. There is a crack in the lucite case on one side. Would be cute on display in your Mid Century motiff. The case closes properly and there are no cracks to the strap.  Just tossing it out there. - it's heavy and weighs 14 ounces.

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