Mosaic Turtle Figurine Sea Tortoise Desert Malachite Peridot Rhinestone Crystal BeadRage

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Well I actually created this one. He was a plain jane turtle so I had to spruce him up.  I thought green might be an appropriate color so I used genuine Malachite chips. Also 7 pretty pewter rhinestone flowers. Since I'm kind laid up with this bum knee this was a pretty fun project for me. Took me 2 weeks! I only added a few chips daily so they would all be secure for the next days. This guy measures 3 1/4" long nose to tail and 2 1/2" wide. He stands almost 1 1/2" tall.  Here's the interesting part - he's heavy! He weighs almost 9 ounces - I think he's made from steel. Of course it's the only piece I made for the turtle lover. A hidden treasure for your garden.