Pied Piper Book Nursery Rhyme 1937 & 7 Wonderful Cats

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The Pied Piper and The 7 Wonderful Cats - Great Illustrated Fairy Tale

Great book to utilized for a wall collection of nursery pictures in a child's room. The outside isn't pristine but pretty good for a child's well read and loved fairy tale. There are more pictures than the ones show - a few more. The book measures 6 3/4" tall and 5 1/2" wide. The graphics on these old books were go great. I'm not an expert at shooting pictures on these kinds of items - holding the book in one hand shooting the pictures in the other is a chore for me. Good news is if your still looking after viewing the pics your gonna really appreciate it in your hand.

It's actually 2 stories - The Pied Piper and The 7 Wonderful Cats. It's still usable as a book - really pristine inside. There is an inscription inside "to Bobby - Christmas 1937 - from Mother" Boy those were the days - when a book was an important Christmas present. Would love to return to those days wouldn't we? Only one I have of course.

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