SALE:Donald Zolan's " Grandma & Grand" Gold Framed Reproduction Painting w Easel

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This is a lovely gold framed oil painting called: Grandma and Grandpa.  It is a miniature reproduction of the original oil painting by Donald Zolan. It is the 4th in the series.   This painting measures 2.75" inches by 2.75" inches. It comes with its own easel as well as the original Zolan box. There is also a letter and a certificate and a small pamphlet that appears to be the factory catalog of all the mini's in this series.    It is in my estimation in excellent condition as shown.  There's a small gold wire attached to the frame for picture hanging (so cute).   The easel measures 5.5" tall with a groove to insert the picture frame.  Condition mint as shown

Will ship via USPO with delivery tracking.