Victorian Amber Brooch Pin RARE Sterling Silver Specimen Antique BeadRage

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This is a very large pin measuring just under 2" long. Beautiful victorian setting with a delicate scrolling design on the side. C clasp. I did polish this one a bit just to make sure it would polish up. There is no marking on this piece but it tested positive for sterling. It was purchased at auction with several other amber pieces all marked English - Danish or Norwegian so I assume this one was from the same era. Here is the interest part of this piece. It is baltic color almost cherry. Inside there is clouded matter. I got curious and viewed it with a light underneath. I believe the lighter material is a small embryo. I can make out a tiny hand with tiny fingers. Don't hold me to it but I think that's what it is. Most of my antique amber generally has a small insect or bug - this one is a treasure for me. If purchasing have an expert examine it as I am certainly not - just describing what think is there. There are 2 tiny holes on the backside where perhaps this piece was a mounted specimen at one point in time.